A quick update from the director

Where has the summer gone?

I just feel I have been 'spinning M.A.D.dly on a wheel with Yannick and Nicolas all summer...and what Life (capital L) throws at you along the way!

Crazy, crazy, crazy! Thank you to ALL the mountain bike families that support me in my belief that Nature + Movement (free play) + Art = Wellness.

Know that you play an integral part of manifesting the full potential of this vision.

I am now transitioning into the winter and re-focusing on my coaching and consulting work.

The following calendar will inform you when the gate and the front doors of the A-frame will be wide open to welcome you either to walk the Phase II of the Merkabah or ride and run in the forest gym. All proceeds return 100% to the sustainability of the Centre.

If you wish to visit outside the calendar hours, best to call before 8 am if you wish to visit or ride. Bring your lunch, enjoy the peace and quiet of the place as this beautiful centre is yours to enjoy...may you find YOUR centre at the Creative Wheel Centre! (smile).

You can also join the Creative Wheel Centre Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CWOFC/

Keep updated about mountain biking here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LaRoccaXCMTBClub/

Creative Wheel Centre autumn trail access 2016

I hope to see you this autumn,
Dominique and the furry creatures.

Education - Conservation - Recreation

Enjoy the following promotional pieces to know more about our vision!

Canadian Cycling Magazine Oct/Nov 2013 - Cheryl Madliger
PDF – LaRoccaXC Mountain Bike School


Teaching from the heart and the outdoors Ottawa Outdoors Magazine Winter 2012 – Dave Brown
PDF - Teaching from the heart and the outdoors

The RPS camp in a nut shell!

Video – Voir la vie en vert

Thank you Zacharie Turgeon for truly capturing the spirit of my vision.