A quick update from the director

Winter is finally here?

Life works in mysterious ways! I had every intention of infusing lot's of energy into transforming my mountain bike school into a marathon speed skating and skate skiing school this winter, but my plans were de-routed by an offer I could not resist: coordinate the winter trail patrol team in the Gatineau Park for Services récréatifs Demsis.

After 6 solid year on the canal, leading the skate patrol, I felt ready for the challenge. The Gatineau park is a vast territory compared to the 7.8 km length of the skateway. So, on this note, I am still available for coaching, but on a smaller scale. An email or a call is the best way to reach me: 819.230.8906 as the Centre's telephone number gets temporary suspended in the winter.

As for 2017, my creative wheels have been spinning madly yet again as I really want to complete the therapy trail on the land. Stay tune for special projects that I will be needing assistance with. I can promise you one hell of a great workout...LaRoccaXC will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, along with Canada's 150th...so, I intend to put this year on the map.

Note that Joanne and I are working a simplifying the website and turning to Facebook offerings to keep everyone informed. Trust me, I don't have any intention of tweeting, texting, hash tagging, instagramming anytime soon, but, Facebook has its advantages in the building of communities.

You can also join the Creative Wheel Centre Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CWOFC/

Keep updated about mountain biking here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LaRoccaXCMTBClub/

Living nature - movement - art my vocation!

Inspiring education - conservation - recreation my mantra!

Enjoy the following promotional pieces to know more about our vision!

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PDF - Teaching from the heart and the outdoors

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Thank you Zacharie Turgeon for truly capturing the spirit of my vision.