Dominique Larocque, M.A. has been a Gestalt coach and health and wellness coach since 1994. Her work with children, teenagers and adults has been guided by her own life experiences as a recreation therapist, two time national team athlete, graphic artist and restaurateur. Her complementary training in yoga, energetic healing, ecopsychology and core shamanism makes her a strong catalyst for deep process work.

Dominique leads corporate and government workshops and retreats using her creative wheel model to ignite and inspire the creative process in her audience. The focus of her work is to raise awareness of obstacles to growth and find creative solutions that support harmony between the person or organization and the environment.

Dominique is committed in balancing the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of her clients and her work teams to help them manifest their full potential for awareness, growth and productivity. Her coaching model embraces the person, group, or organization as a dynamic integrated organism that is always seeking balance and harmony in its environment.

Dominique's own personal and professional commitment to excellence is reflected in the ongoing development of the Creative Wheel Centre, her coaching practice and directing her mountain biking school.

Education and Training

  • M.A. Human Kinetics (Sport Psychology), University of Ottawa (2008) & B.A. Social Sciences (Recreation), University of Ottawa (1984) & N.C.C.P. Coaching Level 3 (1998)
  • Gestalt Therapy Certification, Gestalt Institute of the National Capital, Ottawa (2001)
  • Level 3 Therapeutic Touch, Ottawa (2004) & Level 2 Reiki, Ottawa (2001) & (EDxTM) Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods Level 1 2 (2005) & Yoga Exercise Certificate, East to West Yoga, Renfrew (2007) & Basic Shamanic Training, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, New York (1999)

Important links that guide her practice

Main athletic achievements

  • Member of the Women's Canadian National XC Mountain Bike Team (1991) & Canadian National In-line Skating Team
  • National In-line Women Champion (1996)
  • Pro-Elite 100K Speed Skating Marathon, Finland, 2nd place (1993)
  • Pro-elite 100K New York City In-line marathon, 2nd place (2002)
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