“Imagining a dream and manifesting a dream are two different verbs. Making dreams come true requires grit, physical energy, ethical leadership and an unwavering commitment to what you have been spiritually called to manifest”. – Dominique Larocque

Joanne Galloway

Joanne and Dominique Sincere gratitude goes to Michael Garvin and Roberta Gal who helped me create the original website. But like any website, they require constant updates. Joanne has been volunteering her time for the past two years doing exactly that.  With a client base of 400+, it is simply impossible to reach everyone individually. The website remains the best way to communicate the constant ‘creative’ changes taking place at Creative Wheel. 

What makes Joanne special is her commitment to my vision of education, conservation and recreation. We are aware that we have only started to manifest the true potential of the Creative Wheel Centre and what I know to be true is that Joanne is committed to the process, starting with her own personal process of integrating movement, nature and the creative arts in her life. Joanne compassionately understands the many hats I wear as director, life coach, educator, camp director, land developper, mentor. I have been known to change my mind often but remember that change can be viewed as ORDER after CHAOS. A river must flow...

I look forward to bringing more chaos and order at the Creative Wheel Centre in 2013.

The RPS camp in a nut shell!

Video – Voir la vie en vert

Thank you Zacharie Turgeon for truly capturing the spirit of my vision.