Land Art Trail

Parallel to Canada's 150th Celebration, I will be celebrating, along side with Marc Walter and Yannick Victor, my 20th year in business and my humble start as a land artist. This artistic collaboration on the Merkaba trail will be represented by the exposition entitled LeS OS (eaux) de la TERRE | Bones of the Earth this September and October 2017. Three beautiful paintings from John Eaton can also be viewed at the Centre. Vive les arts! Come and experience the power of nature, supported by beautiful creations!

The Merkaba contemplation/land art trail will eventually join the cross fitness trail system at the top of the mountain, at a beautiful rest area called the Mattawa junction. The Mattawa is also our Leave No Trace outdoor classroom during the LaRoccaXC RPS Summer MTB camps.

Mattawa means 'Meeting of the Waters' in Algonquin language. I was very fortunate to spend all my summer holidays at the cottage that my parents own, to this day, on the beautiful Mattawa river. Who would have imagined that I would discover my Algonquin roots 40 years later.

Trail system at the Creative Wheel Centre. 100% sustainable. 

The artistic efforts of the Merkabah trail builders and land artist will be represented by the exposition entitled Les os (eaux) de la terre | Bones of the Earth this September and October 2017 and the Mattawa rest area will be a great place of celebration.

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The RPS camp in a nut shell!

Video – Voir la vie en vert

Thank you Zacharie Turgeon for truly capturing the spirit of my vision.