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A word from the director

June 8th, 2017

Nature, our greatest teacher!

What a spring it has been! Temperamental to say the least! Floods, torrential downpours, thunder, hail, low temperatures…I must admit my company motto, created in 1997, "Experience the Power of Self and the Force of Nature" took on an almost prophetic meaning, as I tried to move back to the Centre at the end of April.

With this late spring, the dragonflies are rare and few and the black flies and mosquitos are having a party. Trail building and forest management made me feel like a caribou being swarmed by clouds of thirsty winged bloodsuckers. Stewardship is not for the faint of heart.

Celebrating 20 years

Twenty years ago, I sold Café Meech (now Les Saisons in Chelsea) to start Creative Wheel Consulting. Without a doubt, 2017 is a transition year, as I keep reaffirming the physical boundaries of each unique company on the land, to guarantee an exceptional visitor experience.

A serendipity encounter this winter at the end of a friend's driveway, introduced me to three leadership ideas:

  1. Humility in planting seeds;
  2. Patience in nurturing;
  3. Bearing witness.

Strangely enough, this friend was a wonderful patron to Café Meech. Strange that we meet after all these years to exchange notes on conscious leadership! Got to love the power of synchronicity!

I am always fascinated by the power of storytelling and metaphors. These three powerful 'feeling images' will keep inspiring my daily practice of planting, nurturing and witnessing magic on the land and in my attempts of conscious living for many years to come.

Humility and patience…beautiful qualities to cultivate, along with grace.

Farm to Forest

Phase III / Merkabah Nature Trail

Originally, this land was a cattle farm, owned by the Dubois family, and we hope to celebrate the rich history of the land this coming fall with the opening of the Merkabah trail, which is under construction right now. Yannick Victor will be our first artist in residence, working hand in hand with myself, and Marc-André Laflèche, our first trail builder in residence, in the Phase III of the Merkabah.

Tournesol joins the circus

Loving earth's little creatures.

I am thrilled to adopt Tournesol this spring. Thank you Liam for your trust. This little lovebird undeniably brings lots of joy to the Centre in the sound and visual department, with the guinea pigs squeals, rabbit's thumping and hamster’s wheel.

Come and visit the Centre and be part of its ongoing development. Voluntary donations accepted. Best to call before 10 am because we often lead workshops and retreats and calling ahead is a wise move.

Have a great summer!

Dominique and Frodo

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Living nature - movement - art my vocation!

Inspiring education - conservation - recreation my mantra!

Encouraging contemplation – reflection – responsibility in my visitors!

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Modern life causes a lot of stress, and it can even be seen in schools these days. Learning to manage stress is an essential asset in personal growth. Helping our children learn how to manage stress when they are a young child or a teen is a way of preparing them for a successful life.

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