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October 11, 2017

Bearing witness 20 years later

Closing a 'creative circle' to start another one!


Twenty years ago, I sold Café Meech (now Les Saisons in Chelsea) to start Creative Wheel Consulting. Without a doubt, this 20 year journey has been challenging at the personal and professional level. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Re-establishing my home and my company in the province of Quebec in the past five years, has been tough, but one must find the courage to soldier on. With everyone's support, I feel I have reached a new summit (many more to reach!), in establishing the physical boundaries of each unique company (Creative Wheel Consulting & LaRoccaXC Mountain Bike School). 

A serendipity encounter this past winter introduced me to these three concept in business development:

  1. Humility in planting seeds;
  2. Patience in nurturing;
  3. Bearing witness.

I am always fascinated by the power of metaphors. These three powerful 'feeling images' will keep inspiring my daily practice of planting, nurturing and witnessing magic on the land for many years to come. From farm to forest, we are creating our very own unique identity on the land - we are manifesting slowly and surely our multi generational well-being centre. 

My Algonquin semi-nomadic genes will have me move to Alcove, QC for the winter and offer my coaching services as usual. 

2017 was a big year as we have succeeded in completing the major layout of the trail system with your participation in our programs. Pacha Mama will be completed in Spring 2018. Thank you for believing in the power of nature as medicine! 

Ô Canada, land of earth, air, water and fire...

The colors are changing fast and the days are getting shorter and it is soon time to close the Centre for the winter. Until November 1st, you will find me on the land, working on the Merkaba trail and/or leaf blowing the mountain bike/xc running trails for enjoyment and safety or indoors doing administrative duties. 

Originally, this land was a cattle farm, owned by the Dubois family, and I am enjoying celebrating the rich history of the land with the 'Bones of the Earth / LeS OS (eaux) de la TERRE' exhibit this autumn. I have written a small article in l'Écho de Cantley (http://echocantley.ca/) that will be featured in the November 2017 issue. Check it out online!

Landartist Marc Walter has been working on the Merkaba trail (Phase III) this October and leaving a beautiful conscious footprint. Come and meet the artist and walk the Merkaba. It is simply magical this time of year. Marc has been instrumental in mentoring and inspiring Yannick Victor and myself to create a few landart installations on the trail. We are celebrating Canada's 150th in our very own unique way! Ô Canada, land of earth, air, water and fire...bring family and friends...let's finish this year with a great thunder sound! (smile).

Feel most welcome to hike, ride, run, walk the dog, forest bathe, every day, from 8 am to 4 pm this October. Just call ahead or email prior to 10 am to make sure that I am on the site to open the gate. Trail fee is $10/visit. As you know, every penny goes back to the land. 

W.I.N.N. (Women in Nature Network) is coming back!

Definitely a Winning Recipe!

Email me directly or call to learn about this new program kickstarting this November 1st, 2017. I have met so many AMAZING 'princesses and queens' in my Queendom that I have decided to re-ignite this old program that I used to offer many moons ago. 

Mark your calendar:

Tour de la 'Rocky Mountain' on mountain bikes or foot.
Saturday, October 21st
Creative Wheel Centre
10 am to 2 pm
Cancelled if raining.
$10 per participant.

Guide/Coach: Dominique Larocque

Quote of the Xpedition: "WIse to learn a mountain bike trail on foot prior to riding if time allows"!

Bonfire at the Mattawa & Nature Hike (all ages!)
Sunday, November 5th
Creative Wheel Centre
10 am to 2 pm
Rain or shine!
$10 per participant. 

JOYn me and Frodo at the trailhead!

Guide/Coach: Dominique Larocque

Quote of the Xpedition: 'No such thing as bad weather, just poor choice in clothing!'

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Living nature - movement - art my vocation!

Inspiring education - conservation - recreation my mantra!

Encouraging contemplation – reflection – responsibility in my visitors!

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Modern life causes a lot of stress, and it can even be seen in schools these days. Learning to manage stress is an essential asset in personal growth. Helping our children learn how to manage stress when they are a young child or a teen is a way of preparing them for a successful life.

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