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  1. From Krishnamurti to Himself - 25 February 1983
    By Krishnamurti
    'On Nature and the Environment' (p. 65)
  2. Crossing Over
    By Sheila Kealey
    Orignially published on
  3. Starry Night
    By Williamina Deneault
    Spring 2003

Essays by the Director

  1. Inside Out: An Athlete Ponders Some of the Choices We Make
    By Dominique Larocque
    'Food & Leisure,' Issue 9, 1998
  2. NatureobicsTM: An Energy Investment With High Returns
    By Dominique Larocque
    'Food & Leisure,' Issue 25 1999
  3. Embracing the Wild and Sacred: Earth Day Everyday
    By Dominique Larocque
    Written to 'The Ottawa Citizen,' April 2000
  4. Children Are Our Future
    By Dominique Larocque
    Kids of Steel / Trilog Journal 2002
  5. Aerobic Exercise: Reward or Punishement?
    By Dominique Larocque
    Creative Wheel, 1999
  6. Mountain Bikers Want to Feel Welcome
    By Dominique Larocque
    Ottawa Citizen, 2002
  7. ECOPSYCHOLOGY 101: Therapy for a Stressed Out Society
    By Dominique Larocque, Association for Humanistic Psychology, February/March 2007, p. 4
  8. Plodding Wins the Race
    By Dominique Larocque, Ottawa Citizen Camp Guide, 2008
  9. Trailblazing in Val-des-Monts, Qu├ębec
    By Dominique Larocque, IMBA, 2008

Media Promo Pieces

  1. ECOPSYCHOLOGY 101: Therapy For a Stressed Out Society
    By Dominique Larocque
    'Food & Leisure,' Issue 12 1999
  2. La Vita Bella: Answering Nature's Invitation
    By Dominique Larocque
    'Intrazine,' Volume 1, Issue 2, Mar/Apr 2000
  3. Rev Up at Mountain Bike Camp: Learn About Cycling and Nature in the Gatineau
    By Derek Puddicombe
    The Ottawa Citizen, August 7 1998
  4. Women on Wheels: All Female Mountain-Biking Programs Foster New Confidence On and Off the Trail
    By Hattie Klotz
    The Ottawa Citizen, September 7 2001
  5. Wilderness Camps Teach Environmental Stewardship
    By Tracy Gagnon
    The Ottawa Citizen, February 7 2008


These inspirational articles were writen by Dominique Larocque of CreativeWheel, as part of a bi-weekly newsletter to inline skaters. They are intended to provide inspiration throughout the skating season. The complete archive is available online.

Video – Voir la vie en vert

Thank you Zacharie Turgeon for truly capturing the spirit of my vision.